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Does your facility staff feel overwhelmed?

We are here to replace your stress

with confidence when it comes to running your facility.

Solutions are developed with our custom designed platform that keeps Facility Directors & Managers organized, and verifies required documentation for up to three years. 

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When being prepared counts, be ready with confidence.

Our processes provide you with accurate, organized, and accessible solutions through our triad system.

Join over 50+ Facility Directors

Facility programs in operations should be state-of-the-art.
We provide the tools you need, so you can run your facility with ease.Your satisfaction is our top priority and our expertise is 100% guaranteed.


Simple, easy-to-read training modules for training staff.


Our Auditing Program consists of People, Programs and on-going Support.


24/7 Support to help put out your fires when it comes to your equipment and CMMS programs.

Explore our Triad System


Built with your team in mind

Facility Directors and Managers can feel prepared in:

  • OSHA Required Safety Training Modules.

  • Fire/Life Safety, and building code knowledge for your team.

  • Standardized training and educating your facility staff.

  • Efficiency. Create unique onboarding templates designed to ensure comprehension of learned material. 


Where organization is critical

We provide tools to keep your facility

running smooth:

  • Easy-to-use format for required docs.

  • Fire/Life Safety Compliance and Emergency Contingency Plans.

  • Utility and Equipment Management Programs to keep you operating efficiently.

  • Simple navigation for your Equipment Inventory List, including labeling and risk assessments.


Lets kick start productivity

We provide on-going support to put out any fires and helping your staff:


  • Support in levels based on category and complexity.

  • Provided by entire Montgomery Facility Solutions staff.

  • Support for Facility Management, FLS Program specialists, IOR, and Project Managers.

Meet the Team

We are proud to say we are family owned,

backed with over 35 years experience.

Put us to the test.

If you answer YES to any of these 3 questions below, contact us now for a free consultation.


I want to be more prepared and ready when

I need access to my documents, or training

my staff.


I feel a lack of confidence when a regulatory surveyor arrives.


Equipment failure may result in harm to staff and patient safety. 

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We believe in quality. Our expertise is guaranteed. 

Careers at MFS

We are looking for quality, emotionally intelligent individuals for interim work. Please email your resume to
Brooke Montgomery at

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